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    Long time lurker...

    Thanks Swampy

    Managed to get a few more pics last night:


    Timo's USDM HKS Twin Turbo project.

    Small updates to the Supra!

    I got the OEM front bumper repainted and Toyota badge removed. TBT front lip fits like a glow! I did not use


    My R34 GTT

    Repainted the wheels again as the silver was to...silver lol

    Cut the lip off the front arches and fitted 30mm spacers.



    600hp // s366 vs s362

    Mines great on the road, yes 6 speed but auto tt diff so 3.7 ratio, hits full boost by 4k and pulls well to 7.5k, its a built engine with 264 cams and


    a couple new supras breaking.... tt auto jap and a uk spec

    Keron, I'm needing facelift front indicators? Do you have any?




    Code 31 after na t conversion

    I am struggling to find someone in my area to fit the emanage atm can anyone recommend anyone in east anglia, I have managed to get the Greddy software

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