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    VIDEO: Supra club convoy to JAE 07

    Found this video on my old mac which I previously thought i had lost.

    Was a little vid i made of JAE 2007, the year when we won best club award.
    Oh, Happy days - These were the days when i was allowed out in public.


    Maybe a mod could embed the video or even put it into the club area.
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    UK spec diff oil cooler

    Sent you a pm buddy��

    Jak jak

    Monthly Meet

    1. Ian & Jackie
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    Brave the shave

    Dunk, just donated, best of luck on the 5th.


    Anyone watching Hyperdrive on Netflix?

    Eve and I have watched the first two, very entertaining, felt bad for the SA girl who’s e30 died. If she had finished she would have beaten the


    ABS sensors - mega rip off

    I think we perhaps need to see more fail before the price goes anywhere? They seem to very reliable......but if you do need one as you say it might be


    UK spec diff oil cooler

    any suggestions on any possible supplier / breaker?

    checked with kieron and he doesn't have 1 available unfortunately.


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    when I first bought the Supra back in August 2009